miataUSA – Laguna Seca

January 31st – February 10th, 2020

A Big Event

...for a small car


At miataUSA, you can expect to see just about any and all things Miata. Throughout the multi-day event, you'll see celebrities, get track time, see trade-show-quality Miatas, and much, much more.

At Laguna Seca Raceway, we are able to take entire days for track time based on the model type of your car. That means that while you're on the track, you're racing with other Miatas of your caliber.

Don't have a Miata to bring? Don't worry!
We've got some incredible racers you can ride with.


Miata enthusiasts from around the country have gathered at miataUSA for over 15 years, even before the third iteration of the car was released. It started merely as a social cars-and-coffee event, where miata owners would simply gather to see other Miatas. Over time, just as Miatas have, we evolved.

What better location to showcase the excellent handling and structure of the Miata than the world-famous Laguna Seca Raceway, home of "The Corkscrew"? Together, we can bring our small cars to a big event at a big track with some big names, like the cast of Top Gear, F1 Champion Lewis Hamilton and more.



Day Pass – $35

  • One-Day Entry
  • Access to Pros
  • Access to the Showroom
  • Ticket to watch the Pro Race

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VIP-Pass – $300

  • Event-Long Entry
  • Access to Pros
  • Access to the Showroom
  • Ticket to watch the Pro Race
  • VIP-Access to Pro Pits
  • Mechanic Insight to Showroom Cars

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Track Pass – $200

  • One-Time Track Entry
  • Access to Pro Ride-Along
  • 15 minute Track Session
  • Professional Photo of you and your Miata

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